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Here at Sound Picture Recording, we specialize in CD mastering, tracking, mixing, and custom beats. We know what it's like to record and be recorded, because we are engineers that have musical and songwriting experience. In addition, we are music instructors! We are dedicated to people understanding audio concepts; the recording and production process, and also teach drums, percussion, voice, and guitar. For your entire recording, production, and educational needs, visit Sound Picture Recording in beautiful Sunrise, Florida. 

"Let your ears see the sound your mind hears"




Sound Picture Recording offers a wide range of recording and audio editing services, including the following: 


*Full Production Recording Studio
*CD Mastering
*Live Remote Recording
*Demo Tapes
*Master Tapes
*Music Tracks
*Custom Beats
*Custom Karaoke Tracks
*Vocal Instruction
*Drum/Drum Programming Lessons
*Digital Mix-Down
*Analog Mix-Down
*MIDI Sequencing
*Audio for Video
*Jingles and Sound Logos
*CD and Cassette Duplication
*Alesis ADAT XT Digital Transfers to Pro Tools
   using Digidesigns ADAT Bridge 24, 16 Channel ADAT Interface
*Audio format conversions for use on the Internet (MP3s)
*Transfers to CD from Cassette tape or Mini-Disc or 16 bit PCM Beta tapes and Vinyl records

Sound Picture Recording also offers audio restoration. In other words, we can remove clicks, crackles, and hum from any audio recording. If you have an audio recording of a speech, lecture, teaching, and would like to hear it more clearly, we can restore it! 

Block rates for multiple services are available. To schedule an appointment, call us at 954.742.0019. 

Encouragement from Stevie Wonder:

"Keep up the good work Chuck!"


Let your ears see the sound your mind hears...

Throughout the years Sound Picture Recording has achieved much success with song writers, producers, and musicians throughout the world. We achieve this with the simple goal of providing the highest quality of recording possible along with a comfortable atmosphere with no strings attached. With the professionalism, support and expertise of our staff, Sound Picture Recording stands out as one of the most comfortable and professional recording facilities in the country. Please feel free to contact us and arrange a visit to see and hear the studio.

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Russ Miller

"Working with Chuck at Sound Picture Recording will always have a special meaning to me. I recorded my first solo album there and I could not have been more pleased. I have recorded three solo albums since then but that record always holds up in sound quality and overall presentation to me. Chuck is a very talented engineer and an equally great musician. I know how much he cares about what he does and how well he does it! I couldn't recommend Sound Picture Recording enough!" 

Russ Miller has worked for several multi-platinum artists such as Hilary Duff, Nelly Furtado, Tina Turner, and Cher just to name a few.


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